Long time coming

My go-to crutch for trying to be productive is my trusty a things-to-do list. Each morning I jot down a list of all the tasks I need to knock out for that day. I firmly believe that the satisfaction I get out of crossing things off this special list releases endorphins. I LOVE IT. However, there is the occasional to-do item on my list becomes more of a long-term wish instead of something that needs to actually be dealt with. to-do-list-web

One of those zombie to-do items that would never go away was the very website you are visiting right now.

Try as I may, I just couldn’t decide on what to do, how to style things, or what to even say. This block has been going on for a long time. Seriously. Days went to weeks, weeks to months and well… you get the idea.

Then something happened. COVID-19 dropped and my t0-do list was one of the first casualties. Much of my business happens with events industry. With this current pandemic happening, my scheduled jobs began dropping off the calendar.

Where I would normally be knee-deep in work, I was suddenly left with nothing to do. It’s scary.

Sooo… here I am, putting myself back out there and hoping to solidify my online presence that has been long-neglected. Is the new campbellstudio.net my dream site? Nope. But, for now, it’s good enough.

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